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Services are based on the Principles of Patient-Centered Care!
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The widely accepted dimensions of patient-centered care are respect, emotional support, physical comfort, information and communication, continuity and transition, care coordination, involvement of family and carers ensuring that all clients of HC2U are treated with dignity and respect, capable of making informed decisions with the right to express their needs and preferences in the service they receive.

10 Guiding Principles are:–

1. All team members are considered caregivers.

2. Care is based on continuous healing relationships.

3. Care is customized and reflects patient needs,values and choices.

4. Knowledge and information are freely shared between and among patients, care partners, physicians and other caregivers.

5. Care is provided in a healing environment of comfort, peace and support.

6. Families and friends of the patient are considered an essential part of the care team.

7. Patient safety is a visible priority.

8. Transparency is the rule in the care of the patient.

9. All caregivers cooperate with one another through a common focus on the best interests and personal goals of the patient.

10. The patient is the source of control for their care.

We encourage open communication involving both Clients and their families in the service options available and the potential results they would like to achieve, over and above the clients need for physical comfort and emotional support.

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