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“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength” – Betty Friedan

“Seniors Lifestyle Magazine is a hub of news, information, and resources for all of us reaching our 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s, and those with ageing parents and loved ones to care for. Baby Boomers are becoming the largest demographic & their needs are increasing. They offer Free Membership. Below is a sample of the information available.

Preventing Caregiver Burnout
Being a caregiver is stressful in so many ways, to the point that caregivers eventually burnout from the work. It’s hard on you physically, emotionally and mentally. Being a caregiver is even more difficult when the one you are caring for is a loved one. You are on the job 24/7 and in some cases Read More

Music Can Help Those With Dementia
We’ve long known that music can affect our moods, enhancing happiness or making us feel sad. But music is also a useful therapy tool for many diseases, including dementia. There are areas in our brain that respond to music and they are very close to the areas that control emotion, memory and mood. What effect Read More

Helping Your Grandchildren Live a Healthy Lifestyle
Our grandchildren are living in much different times than ours. They learn to rely on technology at an early age. Computers, smartphones, gaming systems. All of their favourite things didn’t exist when we were young. Because of their modern lifestyle, many of them are growing up less healthy than we did. They spend too much Read More

3 Things a Financial Advisor Does to Improve Financial Health
Many aren’t sure what a financial advisor does or are afraid to ask. That is apparent when you look at the statistics of North Americans who are not taking advantage of a financial advisor and their services. Gone are the days of putting things under the mattress, in shoe boxes and so on. Or they should Read More