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Specialise In Extended In-Home Respite Care
This incorporates our Personal and Companion Care services as requested by the Client. Our extended respite services is available throughout regional and rural Queensland.

Toowoomba and Surrounding Suburbs
General Respite

Hourly Assistance Minimum 4 Hours
Split Shifts Minimum 6 Hours
Full Day 6am to 6pm
Overnight 6pm to 6am
Weekend Friday 7am to Monday 7am
Emergency For as long as required
Holiday 7 Days to 4 Weeks

Transfers to and From

Residential Facilities Minimum 6 Hours
Appointments Minimum 4 Hours
Social Events Minimum 4 Hours

Start and Finish times as agreed to with the Client or Carer

Regional Areas
50kms – 100km From Care Worker place of residence
Travel to Regional and Rural area’s over 40kms from Carer Base is charged at 80c per km.

General Respite

Weekend Friday 7am to Monday 7am

Transfers to and From

Residential Facilities Minimum 6 Hours
Appointments Minimum 5 Hours
Social Events Minimum 5 Hours

Rural Areas
100km and Over From Care Worker place of residence

100kms – 200km Minimum 48 Hours
200kms – 400km Minimum 96 hours
500kms and Over Minimum 168 hours

Residential Placement for
Respite / Permanent Residency

Confronted with the daunting situation of having to finally put your loved one into Facility Respite or Permanent Care?

Management is happy to assist you in your quest to find a suitable facility to enhance your loved one’s way of life and help complete and lodge the applications required to kick start the admissions process… Residential Age Care Application and Assets Assessment Form.

Require Further Information

Please Contact Us
Shirley and John Davidson
Directors / Managers
Home Care To You Australia
Mobile 0407 409 144
E-mail rrhh.pty.ltd@gmail.com

What is Home Care?

To help you live independently in your own home and community for as long as possible,there are many home care products and services available. These range from
assistance with daily chores to personal care, providing meals, transport assistance, respite care for you or your carer, home modifications and social support. You may be eligible to access Government subsidised in home support a Home Care Package or choose to use a private provider.MORE INFORMATION

Overview of Home Care Packages

This video provides an overview of how to access aged care services under a Home Care Package. The video guides you through the the initial screening and assessment process, receiving the outcome of your assessment, researching providers and working out costs and more. LEARN MORE

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Queensland Government is committed to supporting Queenslanders with disability, families and carers to exercise greater choice and take up opportunities in their communities. If you are a person with a disability and you meet the access requirements.LEARN MORE