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It does not matter if your loved one is suffering from

  • Dementia or Alzheimers
  • Has a Disability – Child / Adult
  • Is Frail / Aged
  • Recovering from Surgery – Or an Extended Hospital stay
  • Suffers from Loneliness & Isolation
  • A Desire for End of Life Care at home
  • Or just trying to Grow Old Gracefully and Independently.
I know we will be able to help you or at least point you in the right direction.

Let us introduce ourselves we are Shirley & John Davidson directors of Home Care 2U Australia and its parent company Rural & Regional Holistic Health Pty. Ltd. Based in Mount Isa with Branches in Toowoomba and Roma. We personally handle the everyday operations of Home Care 2U Australia dealing daily directly with clients from all over Queensland.

Our home-based Respite service strongly believes in an Holistic Approach to our Clients every-day care, focusing on supporting the whole person through the unity of body, mind, emotion, spirit and environment as these aspects of our lives are closely interconnected and balanced. With services that are Patient-centered Care Based on respect for our clients values and preferences, always providing information that is clear and with understandable terms, promoting autonomy in decision making and attending to their need for physical comfort and emotional support

Concentrating on providing a high standard of care to Clients in Rural and the more remote areas of Queensland and have been in operation since March 2012 servicing the Darling Downs, Southern & Western Downs, South West Queensland and Wide Bay-Burnett both privately and supplying staff to Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre in Toowoomba.

With years of personal experience caring for family members it became obvious that there were many inadequacies in the present in-home Respite system particularly at times when you actually needed additional extended support. When my time as a carer ended it became my passion to make life easier for other families and carers who would follow in my footsteps.

John and Myself are available to you 24/7 on 0407 409 144 because as we all know too well emergencies never happen during business hours.

As a full time carer in the past I also understand that it is not always just an emergency when you need Extra Support for a few days or weeks. You may simply be Exhausted from your caring role and need a chance to Recuperate, have a Family Celebration you would love to attend, or have more Quality Time with other Family members.

Our In-home Respite service is available to Families and Carers throughout Rural & Remote Queensland for Emergency or Extended Respite Care, Companion Care or At home End-of-life care.

Services Available