A Division of Rural & Regional Holistic Health Pty Ltd : ACN 159 344 902



  • To provide to Regional, Rural and Remote areas of Australia the highest possible standard of support for Families and Carers, Men and Women.
  • AIMS

  • To be recognised leaders in the field of Respite Support for Carers of Australian residents who are Frail, Aged, suffering from Dementia or dealing with Disabilities.
  • To provide information and support to all Residents as to their Health Care Rights with regard to Access, Respect, Communication, Participation and Privacy.
  • To have totally satisfied clients/customers giving our Businesses repeat business and referring the Businesses to other potential clients/customers.
  • To have reliable and conscientious staff receiving the highest quality training and being kept up to date with new developments.

  • To provide support to all no matter how remote.
  • To continue to increase recognition of the Company, thus providing both security, financial reward and confidence for the benefit of the employees, management and clientele.